The COVID-19 Crisis

Recently somebody asked me what I would be doing as a state rep during this pandemic. Here was my response:

I would focus on these things: first, doing whatever I could to help our state secure the equipment and supplies our medical professionals need, from ventilators to personal protective equipment to testing kits.

I would also be communicating science-based facts about the virus to my constituents and sharing county- and state-level data in ways that could easily be understood, with the hope that doing so would help people understand the importance of following the guidelines for minimizing the spread of the coronavirus.

I would be helping those who are unemployed to navigate the unemployment system, and work to create opportunities to support both workers and businesses to help them survive this economic shock.

I would also be working to help people in need get access to food/shelter, and to create ways for those who cannot pay their rent or mortgages to have options that would let them keep their housing.

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