Some Thoughts on Anti-Racism

Today, we used our lunch break to attend a protest in Lebanon relating to the systemic racism in America, most recently evidenced by the murder of George Floyd. It was a peaceful event, we were able to practice social distancing, and most importantly it provided the opportunity for likeminded people to come together and affirm that black lives matter.

Nora Shelly, a reporter for the Lebanon Daily News, was among many news outlets covering the event. She has some coverage on Twitter, including the thread embedded below.

Nora Shelly reports on the protest

We took our children with us, because as parents we’ve come to realize that it’s not enough to not be racist. We need to be anti-racist. With that in mind, here are a couple of resources for White parents: and

Stay well, be safe, and let’s work together to fix systemic racism in our country.

Protest at the courthouse in Lebanon, Pennsylvania