Midday with Matt – Racism in America

Here’s more of my conversation with Chanel, Anir, and Kenny about being black in the United States.

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Midday with Matt – Racism in America

This is part of my continuing series of talks with folks about important issues we’re facing both here in Pennsylvania and around the country. My friends Chanel, Anir, and Kenny took some time to talk with me about their own experiences with racism. More of this interview is coming soon.

Midday with Matt

Midday with Matt

Hi all! We’ve started doing discussions with people around various topics and issues. The goal of these is to understand different perspectives and hopefully raise awareness that will help us all be more empathetic.

The first in this series is a chat with two of my friends about what it’s like to be parents of transgender children. It was great to talk with them and I learned some things myself. I hope you will too.

Midday with Matt